The New SML Series is a new series premiering in June.

Episodes(in particular order)

Season 1

  • Mario Goes To Koopatown!
  • Mario's Basket!
  • No Good Bowser Junior
  • The Perfect Pizza!
  • Luigi Straighten-Up
  • Bowser Junior's Macaroni and Cheese!
  • Goodbye,Princess Peach Pt.1
  • Goodbye,Princess Peach Pt.2

Season 2

  • Hello Kitty
  • Staycation
  • The Vaccum Problem!
  • Mario's Homework
  • Mario and the Cosmic Clones!
  • Feeling Food-ish
  • The Bake Sale

Voice Actors


Season 1:Ayoke Musutu

Season 1(Goodbye,Princess Peach),Season 2:Norman Tewan


Season 1/2:Milli Haron


Season 1:Waroku Setemeta

Season 1(early Goodbye,Princess Peach):J.Peabody

Season 2,Alternative parts of episodes:Mukisotu Wanaa


Season 1,Season 2:Wemashi Karenetse

Season 1:Masonlloyd99

Season 2:Wemashi Karenetse

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