Bowser Junior is dead?


  • This is the sequel to Bowser Junior's End?.


It was confirmed Bowser Junior died. Bowser kind of cared, Chef Pee Pee was pretty happy but after a while, he got depressed, Black Yoshi didn't care, Jeffy was extremely sad, Cody and Joseph are sad and Jackie Chu and Toad were very sad. Mario and Peach did attend the funeral since they had nothing to do. Bowser Junior had officially (or possibly) died for good. But did he? Nah, I think he ded.



  • Many Bowser Junior fans were very sad and about the time it was uploaded, Logan lost about 12,500 subscribers.


  • Junior might possibly return, Logan says he has no ideas for Junior so it is possible he can be resurrected.
  • This is the first video in 2017 with Chef Poo Poo.

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