The 3AM Challenge! (also known as The Devil's Hour!) is the 400th episode of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior and his friends play the 3AM Challenge and paranormal phenomenon happens. Also Jeffy turns evil!


The episode starts off with Bowser Junior having a sleepover with Joseph, Cody, and Jeffy. Junior asks his friends on what they should do at a sleepover, Cody thens suggests that they should play the 3AM challenge, Jeffy asks him what the 3AM challenge is and Cody says that it is where a person does a specific action like calling strangers on the phone or playing with a fidget spinner until paranormal phenomenon occurs, practically leading to death.

Bowser Junior, Jeffy and Joseph ask Cody if he's retarded to which he replies "I'm not stupid, you are you.... bib wearing baby!" and Joseph high fives Cody. He then says that he is being honest about the paranormal concept and Junior, still sceptically about the 3AM challenge decides to have deal with Cody that if the Devil's Hour is real, he change his thoughts on Cody and admit he is cool, but if it's not, then Junior will take his lunch money. Cody then accepts and then starts the 3AM challenge.

The four then decide on what to do for the rest of the Devil's Hour, Cody and Ken decide hook up in the playroom. Joseph and Junior decide to watch Doofy the Dragon and Jeffy decides to watch paint dry. 10 minutes has passed and so far, nothing happened. Junior blames Cody for "lying" about the Devil's Hour thing and decide to let Jeffy know but when they go outside, Jeffy is seen holding a knife and has red eyes while foaming his mouth out. Joseph asks Jeffy if he is okay, Jeffy starts to chase Joseph, Cody and Junior and the three run away.

Cody, Joseph and Junior then hide in the cabinets, Jeffy then wanders around the dark room but Joseph stupidly gives their position away. Jeffy then opens the cupboard but Joseph, Cody and Junior escape before they'll die.

Joseph comes up with the idea of throwing stuff at Jeffy, the three then throw stuff at Jeffy to no avail and waking Mario and Bowser up in the process. They realise that Jeffy is somehow possessed.