SML the movie

SuperMarioLogan: The Movie is the final piece made for SML. It is at the end of the timeline, and features all of the main characters having to fight a new enemy. It is known for being very touching, emotional, epic, and action packed. It ties in nearly every loose end in all of the series, as well as being noted as the best piece SuperMarioLogan has ever produced. It features nearly every living character briefly (besides the main cast) in an angry mob scene, has musical numbers, and is a total of 3 hours long. It even revives Mama Luigi briefly to defeat the enemy, and he must sacrifice himself in an explosion once more to save the entire universe. Unlike many modern episodes of the series, this is an extremely Mario centric movie. While Bowser Junior's crew has major roles, the main focus will be on Mario. It ends the way the original Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures Series was supposed to, which also starts the beginning of SuperMarioLogan: The Revival

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