.bowser jr

.chef pee pee


.brokyln guy

.doofy the dragon





Plot:junior wants to rent a DVD. The video starts with watching Charlie and friends then junior interups him while watching it he tells him a new DVD he wants is out but bowser says to play with his friends. Sir jr. Goes out to see what's going on and Cody says Joseph left to watch sports game for some reason cony says he has to go because he's going with his sister to some we're special. He ask Jeffy but Jeffy don't listen to Mario songs not come out so yes this is Dad again and he said just ask chef peepee rent it for him he says no junior tells him that his dad told him to he said fine then they get to blockbuster than chef peepee ask where the movie junior wants is he said she has than junior beats up birdo and gets the DVD junior go home puts on the DVD in the DVD player a d the movie starts it is about doofy hunting down his ex for the ring he had bought her but then stole and loss and finds in about 5 minutes and tells the police that the guy across the street and the police ask him why he had a gun in his hand he said he would come along rabbits for dinner and then shoots himself

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