Shrek's Stolen Cheesecake is an episode of SML Shorts.


Shrek notices his cheesecake is constantly getting stolen. After complaining to Mario, Mario tells him he should get an inspector to find it out. So Shrek dials his phone, and calls the Rat Inspector to help him find out who stole his cheese. After a short while of investigating, it turned out that Swagio was stealing the cheesecake to build a "swag" statue of himself with the help of the Rat (in promise of cheese in return), and Wario and Waluigi (in the promise of money). Shrek, Mario, and the Rat Inspector battle Swagio, the rat, Wario and Waluigi, and come out as victors. While the rat and the Wario brothers manage to get away, Swagio doesn't and is forced to buy Shrek all of the cheesecake he stole.


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