The Time Machine Part 1 is an episode of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior finds a time machine!


The episode starts with Bowser making Bowser Junior go outside. When Bowser Junior is outside, he is complaining until he finds a time machine. The next day, Bowser Junior invites Joeseph and Cody over and asks them what he should do with it. Joeseph says he should use it to get a billion dollars. Cody says that the time machine is very dangerous and he should never use it. Meanwhile, Bowser finds a plate Bowser Junior broke. Right before Bowser comes into the room to beat Junior, Bowser Junior uses the time machine to go back in time to when Bowser was five. In the past, Bowser is about to start making a time machine when Bowser Junior arrives. Bowser Junior teaches Bowser to like breaking stuff. When Bowser Junior returns to the present, he asks Chef Pee Pee to make him pizza, but Chef Pee Pee ignores him. Bowser Junior then complains to Bowser but he doesn't notice Junior. Even Toad doesn't notice him. Bowser Junior tries calling 911 but he can't pick up the phone. Bowser Junior goes to Cody's house to ask him what's going on. Cody notices Junior but sees him as a ghost. Cody tells Judy about the ghost, but she just thinks he's tired. Bowser Junior tells Cody about his time travel and asks Cody what he should do. Cody says he should either find the time machine or make another one. Bowser Junior and Cody agree to try to get Joeseph and Toad to help them. Bowser Junior and Cody go to the apartment where Toad lives. Toad is opening the door for Joeseph and asks where Cody is. Joeseph says he doesn't know when Bowser Junior and Cody come. Cody tells him about the ghost Bowser Junior. Joeseph and Toad believe him and they see Junior. Toad, Joeseph and Cody tell Mario, but Mario thinks it is a prank.


Bowser Junior




Chef Pee Pee




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