Junior and his Friends go to The Island of Sodor!


One Day, Junior was watching Doofy the Dragon. He was going to the Spongebob Universe! Doofy met Squidward and Squidward beat Doofy up. Junior laughed. He wondered if he could actually Meet Thomas the Tank Engine! Junior ordered a remote to take him to any universe. He picked a Thomas universe. He wanted to show it to Joseph and Cody! Joseph and Cody were glad! Chef Pee Pee well....... wasn't amused. Junior took Chef Pee Pee, Joseph, and Cody to Sodor! Junior was so excited! Jeffy showed up saying What Doing? Junior said Hi, Jeffy! Were meeting Thomas the Tank Engine for the FIRST Time! Jeffy wanted to meet the trains. Brooklyn T. Guy said Hi Guys! WElcome to Sodor! A Magical Universe of trains with faces. Jeffy Screamed becuase he was scared of trains with faces. Junior told Jeffy they wont hurt him. Jeffy hoped so Brooklyn T. Guy showed them around. They saw Gordon and Percy. Jeffy said, Can i ride the Engines? Brooklyn T. Guy said only in the carriges. He showed them more. They saw Knapford Station, and all kinds of cool Thomas stuff. They even got to ride the engines Too! Junior took them back home and Jeffy Cried because he missed Thomas. Junior gave Jeffy the remote and he went back to see Thomas and say Goodbye. Jeffy went back home. Junior asked if Jeffy liked his time there and he did. Chef Pee Pee didnt wanna go EVER Again but he liked the rides.




  • James does not appear which every engine should have but only Thomas, Percy, and Gordon were shown. It is possible that he was in the shed or somewhere on the railway but we didn't see him.