SML Movie: The Door
Video Information
Channel: SML
Video Chronology

The is a installment of SML Movies


  • Jeffy (cameo)
  • Mario
  • Hop Hop Bunny (mentioned)
  • Bowser (cameo)
  • Brooklyn Guy
  • Bowser Junior
  • Ken (cameo)
  • Chef PeePee
  • The BoogeyMan
  • Doofy The Dragon (cameo)
  • Peach (mentioned)
  • John Cena (cake)
  • Shrek (mentioned)
  • Souls (cameo)


Mario is thinking of Peach when the Brooklyn Guy comes in telling mario that the door has a scary thing then Bowser is seen Smacking Chef Pee Pee until a cake comes and shouts John cena and Bunny Do Mario said where's that Hop Hop Bunny than Junior is seen watching Doofy and eating Shrek`s cheese cake and ken is seen in the background broken mario opens the door and souls come flying out and then a figure come and takes mario and everyone else i`s reviled to be the BoogeyMan and he`s seen eating Jeffy and thens Jumpscares the Viewers


  • This Jeffy's First Death and Chef Pee Pee's Second Death.
  • The Souls Belong to the 26 unknown people who where murdered.

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