*Junior sleeping* Bowser: JUNIOR!! *Junior wakes up* Junior: *yawns* what is it dad? Bowser: WE ARE GOING TO SEE A MOVIE!! *Junior goes back to sleep* Bowser: DAMN IT JUNIOR!! *Bowser smacks Junior* Juinor: *while sleeping* get away f****t… Bowser: Holy s**t Charlie and Friends is on! *Bowser runs back to his room* *Cody and Joseph are sleeping and the door* Doorbell: ding dong! Shrek: Get away donkeys! *Cody's mom drags Cody home* Jeffy: *louder than he ever has said it* EIGHT MINUS FOUR IS F**KING EIGHT! *Joseph and Junior wake up* Junior: HEY! I was sleeping! Joseph: Yeah! Me too! Jeffy: Well your up now f****ts. *they all start fighting* *Junior kicks Jeffy's head off* Junior: He will be fine! Chef Pee Pee: WHAT THE HELL!? Joseph: Nope. He's dead, dude. Junior: I stand corrected.


Juinor, Bowser, Joseph, Cody, Cody's Mom, Shrek (voice), Jeffy, And Chef Pee Pee (voice).