SML Movie: Jeffy Becomes Smart!
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Channel: SuperMarioLogan
Series: SML Movies
Uploaded since: October 22, 2016
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SML Movie: Jeffy Becomes Smart! is an SML Movie and the first video where Jeffy becomes smart.


Jeffy is minding his own business with Mario and Rosalina at the park, but then a squirrel steals Jeffy's hat and ran up a tree! Jeffy chases the squirrel, but then he fell down the tree and landed head first on the grass. HARD. He ended up with a fractured skull, and had to go to the hospital. When he got all better, Jeffy became so smart that even Mario was proud of him! But Jeffy's increased IQ will not last for long...


"Oh hello Mr. Squirrel! What doing?" -Jeffy


"Jeffy, be careful! You're gonna fall!" -Rosalina

"Is he dead? Is he finally dead?" -Mario

"Two plus two equals four, Mario." -Jeffy

"I want some green beans, Mario. Green beans is healthy." -Jeffy

"What's this stupid song?" -Jeffy (when listening to Hop Hop)

"I really need to change my appearance." -Jeffy

"I want to go play soccer, Mario. Soccer is my favorite sport." -Jeffy

"Watch out for the ball, Jeffy! It's gonna-" -Mario

"UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" -Jeffy (when back to normal)

"Oh god, here we go again. Someone kill me..." -Mario


  • This is the first time where Jeffy becomes smart.
  • This is the first time where Jeffy calls Mario by his name when Mario is on-screen.
  • It is Possible that Mario Loved it When Jeffy was Smart!

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