Chef Pee Pee Burns the House because he keeps getting annoyed!


Chef Pee Pee was so upset that he was annoyed. Jeffy, Bowser, And Bowser Junior always force Chef Pee Pee to so things like cook for them too much. Chef Pee Pee gets upset and Takes a Flamethrower and burns the house! Junior is Seen Playing Thomas then he sees the there is a fire so he goes outside to check. He then sees its burning! Bowser Junior screams in horror! Bowser watches Charleyyy but the Cable goes off! Bowser Checks outside. Chef Pee Pee keeps burning it! Bowser realizes the house burned! Jeffy is spanking himself on his diaper and realizes that the house is burning! Mario gets excited that he will never see jeffy again! Mario wanted the house to burn all along! Bowser then sees that chef Pee Pee was burning the house all along! Bowser Beats him up!



  • It's not canon to SMl, as in the next episode the house was in a fine condition.
  • Nikki Maxwell makes a cameo.

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