Bowser gets Arrested by Goodman for Speeding



Bowser is excited to watch Charleyyy and Friends like usual and sees a meet and greet! Bowser gets excited and wants to go but on his way he is speeding too fast and he is going over the speed limit. Goodman shows up and tells Bowser he has got a speeding ticket and he has to go to jail! Bowser punches Goodman and he is deserved to go to jail for 2 weeks. Goodman takes Bowser to jail now. Bowser is in his jail cell and he is really upset about it. He wanted to meet Charleyyy but there was no way because he had to go to jail for at least 2 weeks. He was so angry he decided to do a jailbreak! He needed someone to help him out of jail. Bubbles was there. So was Robbie Rotten. Bowser asked them if they wanted a jailbreak. They wanted to get out of jail so bad they took the cell key and they ran outside the front door of jail. Goodman and Brooklyn Guy saw this and got upset. They chased them all. Bowser saw The Charleyyy Meet and Greet. Bowser ran so fast. Robbie Rotten and Bubbles wanted to meet Charleyyy since they all were Charleyyys Number 1 fan. They actually met Charleyyy and Bowser threw An 8 ball at the police officers. Charleyyy got to met Bubbles, Bowser, and Robbie Rotten. Bowser then came home. Chef Pee Pee asked if Bowsers Charleyyy meet and Greet was perfect. Bowser says he saw Charleyyy and wanted to watch more Charleyyy. The episode ends with Bowser watching Charleyyy.


  • This is the first time Bowser meets Charleyyy.
  • This marks the first appearance of Robbie Rotten.

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