Bowser Junior Dies Is The SML Movie That Junior Dies.


Junior accidentally fell of the window and died!


Junior Cody and Joseph Came To The Living Room and watched TV The Show Death For The Day Makes Junior Like Them So Junior Goes To The Window And Cody Says Junior That Could Probaly Be Dangerous! And Joseph Pushed Junior And Junior Says AAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!! And Dies, Cody Says To Joseph Joseph... YOU PUSHED JUNIOR OUT OF THE ROOF!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? And Joseph Says Yeah Dude!' And Cody Said YOU MADE A MISTAKE NOW JUNIORS FATHER AND CHEF PEE PEE GET ANGRY AT OUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 Hour Later Everyone Came And Officer Goodman Say For 9 Years Bowser Junior Has Died It Was All Joseph's Fault That He Pused Junior Out Of The Roof Jeffy Said Oh My God Did Junior Dies? Goodman Said Yes Jeffy Cries And Hits Himself With His Helmet And Everyone Leaved.