The following are the rules to SML Fanon Wiki


  1. Do not spam anything.
  2. No sockpuppeting allowed. Everyone is entitled to only one account and having multiple accounts will lead to a ban. Roleplay accounts are a exception if your main account is banned.
  3. Do not post any non-SML related photos (unless it's for a fanon character, or is for blog posts/forums/userpages).
  4. Fighting is not tolerated as you will get a direct ban.
  5. Please do not harass/bully/attack other users, regardless of what they have done.


  1. You can create pages of anything related to SML.
  2. Do NOT vandalize any page, this also includes replacing an whole page with the {{Delete}} template.
  3. Any user can edit any fanon page as long they have permission to do so.
  4. Pages should be catergorized.


  1. Make sure you check your spelling and grammar before you finish editing.
  2. Don't make any superfluous edits as you will be banned.
  3. Pages with too many spelling and grammar mistakes will be marked with {{CleanUp}}.


  • Please refrain from inserting nonsense categories, please.

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