Quest For The Crystal Heart Episode 7 is the 7th episode of Quest For The Crystal Heart.


Vacranio, Mario, Mama Luigi, R.O.B, and Solid Snake fight Bowser and Sonic, and eventually defeat them. Vacranio looks around, and realizes they are directly bellow the final destination, the location of the heart. They begin to head off there, but are confronted by Meta Knight and Wolf. After a fight, Mario's team is victorious. Wolf and Meta Knight surrender to Mario's team, as well as Sonic and Bowser also surrender. Mama Luigi cheers because they get the Heart, and tries to high five Vacranio, who doesn't high five him. Vacranio reveals that he never wanted to protect the Heart. The reason why he was with them was because after him and Professor E. Gadd built the heart, Professor E. Gadd decided that Vacranio was evil, and was going to use the heart for evil. So he hid it on the Final Destination. Vacranio searched years for it, and finally found where it was. But he noticed that these groups were trying to find the Heart, so he set them up to weaken each other so that no one would appose him. Mario is angered by this, and charges at Vacranio. Vacranio presses a button, which electrocutes them all into unconsciousness...


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