Quest For The Crystal Heart Episode 5 is the 5th episode of Quest For The Crystal Heart.


Mario and R.O.B wake up to find themselves in a room with the shadowy figure. The figure walks out to reveal himself as Vacranio. Vacranio reveals that he helped Professor E. Gadd create the Crystal Heart, and that he wants to protect it as well. He tells the two if they can help him recruit Solid Snake to help them, he will wake Mama Luigi up from his coma, and let them keep the Heart as long as they promise to keep it safe. Mario and R.O.B agree, and confront Solid Snake, and ask him to join them. Solid Snake reluctantly agrees, and then head back. Vacranio keeps his end of the deal, and prepares to awaken Mama Luigi from his coma when a Koopa named Paul Fretra, revealed to have been spying on them, throws a bomb into the room, causing a huge explosion...


  • Mario
  • R.O.B
  • Vacranio
  • Professor E. Gadd
  • Mama Luigi (unconscious)
  • Solid Snake
  • Paul Fretra

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