Quest For The Crystal Heart Episode 3 is the 3rd episode of Quest For The Crystal Heart.


Wolf and Meta Knight decide they need to get rid of R.O.B as he was the one who stopped them last time, so they hired an assassin Pokemon Trainer named Pete Turner. Mario, Mama Luigi, and R.O.B are walking on the way to Vacranio Factory when they are confronted by Pete Turner, who sends out Pokemon to kill them. After a battle, the trio manage to kill the Pokemon. Pete tries to run away, but is blasted into oblivion by a cannon of R.O.B's. Mario is initially mad at R.O.B for killing him as they could've asked him who sent him, but he got over it when he realized the only group that would make sense to have sent it would be Wolf and Meta Knight. They arrive at Vacranio Factory to realize they beat Meta Knight and Wolf there. They are about to grab the journal left there to find the next location, but suddenly Sonic runs in and grabs the journal, saying he wants the Heart. Mario, Mama Luigi, and R.O.B chase after him as he runs off. Then Bowser, Wario, W.O.B, Wolf, and Meta Knight all arrive at the same time, just narrowly missing the opportunity to see Mario, Mama Luigi, R.O.B, and Sonic. The two groups see each other, find out they have the same goals, and attack each other...


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