Quest For The Crystal Heart Episode 2 is the 2nd episode of Quest For The Crystal Heart.


Mario and Mama Luigi read the cave prophecy, and find that an arrow points to a journal written by Professor E. Gadd. It explains that Professor E. Gadd created the Crystal Heart, but realized it was to dangerous for human hands, so he hid it away. But he spread his journals around that give clue after clue to find it. The first clue lead to the old Wario Ware Inc. The Duo arrive only to be confronted by Wolf and Meta Knight, who tell them to give up trying to find the Crystal Heart. Mama Luigi denies, and the 4 fight. Wolf and Meta Knight defeat them, and prepare to kill them when R.O.B sneaks up on them and attacks them, causing them to flee. Mario thanks R.O.B, while Mama Luigi sniffs him. R.O.B says he wants to protect the Crystal Heart as well, and joins the duo. Mario and Mama Luigi agree, and R.O.B joins them. R.O.B reads the journal at the company, which he codes out to be an anagram that says to head to Vacranio Factory (a custom level), the old factory for Vacranio, for the next clue. The trio head to the factory. It is then revealed Bowser, Wario, and their own R.O.B named "W.O.B" (a in game recolor of R.O.B) were spying on them, and they want the heart as well, so they secretly follow Mario, Mama Luigi, and R.O.B...


  • Mario
  • Mama Luigi
  • Professor E. Gadd (in journal only)
  • Wolf
  • Meta Knight
  • R.O.B
  • Bowser
  • Wario
  • W.O.B
  • Vacranio (mentioned)

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