Quest For The Crystal Heart Episode 1 is the first episode of Quest For The Crystal Heart.


Mario and Mama Luigi are on a walk at a park when Bowser sends many assassins to kill them. After Mario and Mama Luigi are overwhelmed by the enemies, they retreat by jumping off a near by cliff into the water bellow. Assuming they are dead, Bowser leaves. Mario and Mama Luigi swim into a cave bellow, and discuss what just happened, but Mama Luigi keeps getting off topic. In there, they find cave drawings on the wall speaking of the mystical prophecy of the mysterious Crystal Heart. This heart has the ability to revive anyone from the dead, heal anyone, or cure all known diseases in the hands of someone who's heart is open and pure. But if it falls into the hands of someone with darkness inside their heart, it could be used for world domination. Mario decides they should go after it, and their adventure begins...


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