Peach wants to take revenge on Mario for cheating on her.


Mario and Rosalina have some fun on spring break till we see peach knock at the door. She wants to have some time with Mario but Rosalina finds out that Mario likes Peach as well. Rosalina tells Peach she likes Mario from now on. Peach gets stubborn and leaves. Mario and Rosalina get back to their time Off. Mario gets a knock at the door. It shows Peach (disguised as Brooklyn t. Guy). She wants to inspect Marios home. Peach (As Brooklyn t. Guy) likes it. Brooklyn T. Guy says He has a surprise and takes off his costume and reveals to be peach. Mario gets shocked that peach was disguised as brooklyn T. Guy the whole time. Peach tells Mario he disguised herself because she was done being cheated on so he took a brooklyn t. Guy costume and put it on and inspected the house. Mariongets upset and tells peach never to visit his house again. Peach leaves telling Mario she doesn't like his house either.



  • This episode is similar to the orsons farm scene from rooster Revenge when lanolion put on a disguise to teach Roy a lesson.
  • It is possible that the whole time peach was disguised as Brooklyn t. Guy all along but it is unknown.
  • Jeffy does not appear in this episode


  • Mario should have called the cops to arrest peach because peach was annoying to him.

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