Mickey Seacrest Skit is a skit preformed by Logan Thirtyacre. It acts as a prequel to SML Stories Issue 2. It plays Very fast. It begins with him deciding to kidnap people for his "show", then it montages all his kidnappings. Then it ends with him needing to look for 3 judges.


Mickey Seacrest, now in hiding, kidnaps several people including Mario for his bootleg American Idol Series. Once he finishes, he decides he still needs three judges.


  • Mickey Seacrest
  • Mario
  • Janett Murphy
  • Kelly Murphy
  • Donald Rump
  • Bowser (indirectly mentioned as one of the 3 judges)
  • Bowser Junior (indirectly mentioned as one of the 3 judges)
  • Chef Pee Pee (indirectly mentioned as one of the 3 judges)
  • Several more

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