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  • It's like Logan can come and see these episodes and make them into a video! This wiki is amazing!

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  • Did you abandon this wiki?

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    • MamaLuigi22 (I Pmed u the theme)
    • Woody: F*ck yes! Yes! She's gone! Woohoo!
    • 2:05 TheEnderGamer I kno
    • Chef Pee Pee continues taking down shrimpos
    • 2:06 MamaLuigi22 Woody: Why are there so many! This is all your fault Chef Pee Pee!
    • 2:06 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: You stinking threw them everywhere!
    • 2:07 MamaLuigi22 Woody: Yes, but they are attacking cuz your face is so ugly! It disturbs them!
    • 2:08 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: What did you say? Eh, I don't care *continues stabbing shrimpos*
    • 2:09 MamaLuigi22 Bowser: I'm here! The kitchen better be clean! Wait what the f-(is attacked by Shrimpo)
    • Bowser: CHEF PEE PEE SAVE ME!!!!
    • Welcome to the Weegeepedia Roleplay Zone Wikia chat
    • 2:12 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee stabs the shrimpo
    • 2:12 MamaLuigi22 Bowser: Yay I'm safe! I'm like a superhero! I saved myself!
    • Woody: Good job Bowser!
    • Bowser: I know thank you!
    • 2:13 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: F... you know i don't care
    • 2:13 MamaLuigi22 Bowser: You don't care?! (Punches him) that's not nice!
    • 2:14 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: Ow!
    • 2:14 MamaLuigi22 Woody: Guys, we still have a Shrimpo infestation to deal with!
    • Bowser: Good luck with that suckers! Mwa ha ha ha! (Tries to run away, but hits the wall and is knocked out)
    • 2:14 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee continues taking down shrimpos
    • Soon, all are taken down
    • 2:15 MamaLuigi22 Woody: Yeah! The Shrimpos are gone...wait...Chef Pee Pee do you hear that?
    • 2:15 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: hear what?
    • 2:16 MamaLuigi22 Woody: It's the call of a God Shrimpo! Sir Zues E. Shrimpo! We're in deep trouble
    • 2:17 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: F***ing hell!
    • 2:17 MamaLuigi22 Zues E. Shrimpo uses mind powers to throw Chef Pee Pee out the window
    • Woody:!!!!!! (Jumps onto the god Shrimpo)
    • Zues throws Woody off
    • 2:21 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: YOU... GET... OUT... OF... MY... KITCHEN! * plays as Chef Pee Pee jumps and stabs the shrimpo in the back*
    • 2:21 MamaLuigi22 Bowser: ITS MY KITCHEN!!!!!!! (Grabs Chef Pee Pee and punches him in the face)
    • 2:22 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: DO YOU COOK IN IT? NO! *jumps back on the shrimp as the music plays again*
    • Chef pee pee stabs the shrimp multiple times
    • 2:23 MamaLuigi22 Bowser: ILL TEACH YOU TO TAKE MY KITCHEN! AAAH! (Throws a crate filled with ravid Shrimpos, releasing them all)
    • 2:24 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: F***ING F*** S*** MOTHERF- *gets attacked by shrimpo* GAH SAVE ME
    • 2:24 MamaLuigi22 Bowser: World star! (Films him) bite that chef!
    • 2:25 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee stabs the shrimpo and continue stabbing shrimpos
    • 2:25 MamaLuigi22 Bowser: OH! OH! OW! RIGHT IN THE BALLSACK! OH YEAH! DO IT FOR THE VINE!
    • 2:25 TheEnderGamer actually nvm what i said
    • 2:25 MamaLuigi22 K
    • 2:25 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: *high pitched* WOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    • 2:26 MamaLuigi22 Woody: Bowser, this is sick, immoral, and sadistic...I like it. WORLD STAR!
    • Bowser: Oh! OH! This is comedy gold!
    • whoops
    • lol
    • 2:28 MamaLuigi22 Lol
    • Bowser: Chef Pee Pee! When this is done I want an ice sculpture of myself!
    • Bowser: But for now, WORLD Star!
    • 2:28 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: i'm never having kids
    • Chef Pee Pee: literally
    • 2:29 MamaLuigi22 Bowser: Ha ha! His ugly *ss wouldn't get a girl either way!
    • Woody: Straight savage!
    • 2:30 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: i'm gonna die
    • Chef Pee Pee: bye world
    • 2:31 MamaLuigi22 Woody: Ok I'm actually gonna save him. Film this for world star
    • Bowser: Ok bro!
    • Woody: Hey Shrimpo?
    • Shrimpo!
    • Shrimpo hisses at woody
    • woody: Let's go! (Tackles the Shrimpo and starts beating it)
    • Bowser: Oh! WORLD STAR!!!!!
    • The Shrimpo throws Woody into Chef Pee Pee, knocking both down
    • 2:34 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee tries to scream but can't
    • brb
    • 2:35 MamaLuigi22 Woody: I know who can help me hunt it! (Calls Jessie)
    • k
    • Jessie: Hello?
    • Woody: Jessie, code Shrimpo!
    • Jessie: I'll be right there
    • Jessie: I am Jessie Davis, and I am ready to hunt some Shrimpo!
    • Woody: SAVE US!
    • Bowser: She's hot
    • 2:39 TheEnderGamer back
    • 2:39 MamaLuigi22 Woody: She's my girl dude!
    • k
    • bowser: If you liked it you should've put a ring on it!
    • Woody: AAAAAH! (Attacks Bowser)
    • 2:40 TheEnderGamer I like myself so I put a ring on myself
    • 2:40 MamaLuigi22 Jessie: Mister Pee Pee, are they always this stupid?
    • XD
    • 2:40 TheEnderGamer No seriously I took a can top thing from a tuna can and put it on my finger
    • 2:41 MamaLuigi22 Xd
    • 2:41 TheEnderGamer Anyways
    • 2:42 MamaLuigi22 Jessie: Chef, why are they so stupid?
    • 2:42 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: I don't know, they just are
    • 2:43 MamaLuigi22 Jessie: I may have not been a woman for very long, but I know when someone's stupid!
    • never told me about...this turn of events (throws up)
    • Bowser: I'd bang that!
    • Woody throws up harder
    • XD this just got weird
    • 2:44 TheEnderGamer ye
    • 2:45 MamaLuigi22 Jessie: Come on, forget that! Let's hunt Shrimpo!
    • Woody: She's right! I'll discuss!
    • We still going
    • Ender?
    • 2:47 TheEnderGamer sorry
    • 2:48 MamaLuigi22 It's kool
    • 2:48 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: Yes! Let us!
    • 2:48 MamaLuigi22 Jessie: We need a montage! Let's do it!
    • montage of Woody, Bowser, Jessie, and Chef Pee Pee walking in slow motion with weapons is shown
    • Bowser: Chef Pee Pee!!!!!! I WANNA WALK FASTER!!!!!!!
    • 2:49 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: SHUT UP BOWSER! *montage stops*
    • 2:50 MamaLuigi22 Bowser: Chef Pee Pee don't sass me!
    • 2:51 TheEnderGamer brb
    • 2:52 MamaLuigi22 K
    • Finn168719 has joined the chat.
    • 2:53 TheEnderGamer back
    • Hey finn
    • 2:54 Finn168719 Hello
    • 2:55 MamaLuigi22 Bowser: CHEF PEE PEE DONT SASS ME! (Hits Chef Pee Pee with belt)
    • 2:56 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: OW! FRICKING HECK!
    • 2:56 Finn168719 FM-168719: Hmmm... A chef being abused by a dinosaur...
    • 2:57 MamaLuigi22 Woody: Guys focus!
    • Bowser: Whatever! Your lucky Woody's here Chef Pee Pee!
    • 2:58 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: *quitely* yeah because otherwise i'd be dead by now]
    • 2:59 MamaLuigi22 Bowser: Dude I'm a Koopa, I can here whispers
    • 2:59 Finn168719 FM-168719 throws a newspaper away, hitting Bowser in the forehead
    • 3:00 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: What? How does being a koopa allow you to... forget it I don't care
    • 3:00 MamaLuigi22 Bowser: Jessie look out!
    • A Shrimpo attacks Jessie
    • 3:01 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee attacks the shrimpo
    • 3:01 Finn168719 A newspaper fell from Bowser's forehead after hitting him
    • 3:01 MamaLuigi22 Jessie: Thank you sexy
    • Woody punches Chef Pee Pee
    • 3:02 Finn168719 this plays in a loop
    • 3:03 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: Ow! I was just saving here because none of you b******s did it
    • 3:04 MamaLuigi22 Woody: SHES MY GIRL AND SHES HITTING ON YOU! ILL DO WHATS RATIONAL, BLAME YOU AND NOT HER (tackles him, punching him over and over)
    • Bowser: She's mine! (Tackles both)
    • 3:05 Finn168719 FM-168719: Reminds me of how i just beat the crap out of that pedo.
    • 3:05 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: AH YOU FREAKING R***** GET OFF
    • 3:06 MamaLuigi22 Woody: Sorry
    • Bowser: Whatever, let's just stop shrimpo
    • 3:06 Finn168719 FM-168719: I can just stop shrimpo...
    • 3:08 MamaLuigi22 Woody flips in with swords to cut up shrimpo
    • Shrimpo bites Pee Pee
    • 3:09 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee: Ow!
    • 3:09 MamaLuigi22 Bowser shoots the shrimpo
    • 3:09 TheEnderGamer Chef Pee Pee stabs the shrimpo
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  • Does anyone know why I can't edit the rules, despite the fact that I CREATED this wiki?

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  • Can i become an admin?

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  • Can I be admin and breaucrat since I'm the 2nd one here.

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  • Hello, We're excited to have SMLfanon Wikia as part of the Wikia community!

    There's still a lot to do; here are some helpful tips and links to get your wikia going:

    All of the above links are a great place to start exploring, and have fun!

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