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Marvin the Martian is a Martian who came to earth to conquer the whole planet.


Marvin appears to be soft-spoken and quiet, however, his actions appear to be brutally dangerous, he appears to be an Omnicidal, due to him wanting to blow up the earth as if.


  • Mario: Marvin appears to be friends with Mario, when he gave him a tour around The New House in The Other Alien!
  • Chef Pee Pee: Marvin appears to hate Chef Pee Pee, due to him constantly hating his life and how he hates doing chores for Bowser.
  • Bowser Junior: Marvin appears to be one of Bowser Junior's buddies, as he always says to Junior, "Pick me! I am better than Cody!".
  • Cody: Marvin appears to have a rivalry with Cody, mainly due to him being gay, and Cody appears to dislike his tutu.
  • Ken: Marvin vaporized Ken with a Laser Gun.
  • Pinky Dinky Doo: Marvin finds Pinky creative, because he likes her stories.
  • Joseph: Marvin finds Joseph cool, since Joseph likes to do cool things.
  • Jeffy: Marvin finds Jeffy annoying, he vaporized Jeffy with a Laser Gun in The Other Alien!
  • Katie Ka-Boom: Marvin finds Katie Ka-Boom scary due to her turning into a monster too much.
  • Black Yoshi: Marvin appears to like Black Yoshi for playing Call of Duty, mainly due to violence.
  • Bowser: Marvin and Bowser never interacted with each other.
  • Rosalina: Marvin appears to be Rosalina's uncle.
  • Alien: Marvin the Martian's brother.
  • Alien's Wife: Marvin the Martian's sister in-law.


  • He originated from the Looney Tunes franchise
  • In The Other Alien!, it is revealed that he is Rosalina's uncle.
  • The ray gun Marvin uses is actually the Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Infinity Blaster.
  • He hates being called a cross-dresser or a ballerina.
  • Unlike his brother "The Alien", Marvin does not live on the planet Zablorbenclocken, instead, he lives on Mars.
  • Like Cody, Marvin thinks the sun is a star, much to Junior's dismay.
  • He appears to like Sci-Fi themed shows like Doctor Who and Star Wars.

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