(video starts out with Bowser burning Jeffy in hell)

Jeffy: Aaaaah! Please! Somebody help me! Aaaaaahhhhhhhh! HELP! HELP!

Bowser: Oh, Jeffy, you're about to be burned in hell.

Jeffy: Aaaahhhhh!

(Mario comes in, looking very angry at Bowser)

Mario: Let him go, Bowser.

Bowser: Mario!

Jeffy: Somebody please help me! HELP! HELP!

(Bowser lets go of Jeffy and Mario catches him)

Jeffy: Thanks for saving me, Daddy!

Mario: No problem, Jeffy! No problem! Now let's go!

(Mario and Jeffy run off, but then they both bump into a wall, making Mario wake up, revealing that it was all just a dream)

(Mario wakes up)

Mario: Huh? Oh man, it was just a dream, I love that dream.

(he hears a knock on the door)

Mario: Who's at the door? (sigh) They ruined my dream!

(cuts to the door to reveal that Mr. Pig is outside)

Mario: Uh, hello?

Mr. Pig: Hey, Mario, do you want to see my pencil?

Mario: Mr. Pig! I haven't seen you in forever!

Mr. Pig: Yeah, it's just that Logan doesn't care for me anymore, especially since the thanksgiving video.

Mario: Well, what are you doing here, Mr. Pig?

Mr. Pig: Well, just let me in, and I'll tell you!

Mario: Uh, okay.

(Mario and Mr. Pig walked to the sitting room)

Mario: So, Mr. Pig, tell me all about your life.

Mr. Pig: So, you see, Mario, I was dropped here by my parents, since a short time after the Thanksgiving video, my family of pigs came over, and we all moved into a brand new house. It was wonderful. But, however, I was kinda mean in the house, always having to poop and all of that, so finally, my parents gave up, kicked me out and dropped me over here, so I can be with you forever, again.

Mario: That's wonderful, Mr. Pig. I missed you.

Mr. Pig: Hey, I missed you too, Mario.

Mario: Wait, what does that label on you say?

Mr. Pig: Well, read it, and you'll find out.

Mario: Okay, so it says, please babysit me. Wait, so does that mean I have to babysit you?

Mr. Pig: Correction, Mario, so you have to babysit me for the rest of your entire life.

Mario: (gasps) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Mr. Pig, no, I don't want to babysit you, you're too ugly!

Mr. Pig: Oh, is that so, Mario? (uses pencil to draw holes in his face)


Mr. Pig: (laughs) Mario, you look funny!

Mario: NO, I DO NOT LOOK FUNNY, MR. PiG! YOU KNOW WHAT? I'M GOING TO DESTROY YOUR PENCIL! (grabs pencil off of Mr. Pig's nose, destroys it, and throws it)

Mr. Pig: Hey, why did you throw my pencil away, Mario?

Mario: Because you're a bad pig, Mr. Pig!

Mr. Pig: (cries) You said that I'm a bad pig?

Mario: Yes, you're a bad pig, Mr. Pig.

Mr. Pig: (throws tantrum and cries)

Mario: You know what? I can't take it anymore! I'm leaving! (Mario leaves)

Mario: Oh! I can't stand this no longer!

(Jeffy comes over)

Jeffy: Oh, hey there, Daddy.

Mario: Oh, hey there, Jeffy.

Jeffy: Um, why are you so angry, Daddy?

Mario: Because there's an annoying pig in the house who keeps on throwing tantrums and doing bad stuff to me!

Jeffy: (gasps) Can I see him, Daddy?

Mario: Well, of course you can, Jeffy. I'll take you to him.

Jeffy: Um, okay!

Mr. Pig: Stupid Mario! Stupid Mario! Stupid Mario!

Mario: Okay, Mr. Pig, I would like you to meet my adoptive son, Jeffy!

Mr. Pig: (gasps) You have an adoptive son!

Mario: Yeah, his name's Jeffy! Say hi.

Mr. Pig: Oh, hi, Jeffy! I'm Mr. Pig!

Jeffy: (gasps) Your name's Mr. Pig! That's a cool name for a pig!

Mr. Pig: I know, right!

(Jeffy nods)

Mr. Pig: Hey, can I have your pencil? Mine broke.


Mario: Jeffy, be nice to Mr. Pig!

Jeffy: No, I will not be nice, you stupid bitch!

Mario: Jeffy, that's it! You're going to time out!

Mr. Pig: He's not going to time out, Mario, because I have a gun!

Mario: Well, then, KILL HIM, THEN!

Mr. Pig: Okay, I will!

(Mr. Pig gets his gun, and uses it to kill Jeffy, and kills him)


Mr. Pig: No problem, Mario!

(Mario and Mr. Pig high five, then Brooklyn T. Guy comes over)

Brooklyn Guy: Hey, I heard that a pig killed a boy!

Mr. Pig: Yeah, I killed Jeffy! He deserves to be killed for being mean to me!

Brooklyn Guy: Well, Mr. Pig, you're going to be dead for this! (uses gun to kill Mr. Pig, and kills him)

Mario: (screams and cries really loudly)

(cuts to a news report)

Goodman: Breaking news, mkay! Brooklyn T. Guy just killed Jeffy and Mr. Pig! The news is in!

Police officers: Brooklyn Guy, you're kicked out!

Brooklyn Guy: (sighs) I know.

(cuts to SML Question, and the video then ends)

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