Jeffy touches Mama Luigi's nickel!!


Jeffy finds a nickel on the floor, whilst picking it up Jeffy finds himself tumbling down the stairs at the site of Mama Luigi on top of the staircase. Mama Luigi has Jeffy up against the wall when Jeffy desides to fight back giving Mama Luigi a left hook. After fighting around the house for about 10 minutes they find themselves upstairs again. Jeffy's Chainsaw runs out of gas. Jeffy on the floor with Mama Luigi's foot on Jeffy's chest pinning him down saying "any last words" Jeffy and Mama Luigi look over to see Mario touching Mama Luigi's nickel not knowing it was Mama Luigi's. The ending of the episode showed Jeffy and Mama Luigi beating up Mario together.

Jeffy's Weapons

  • Chainsaw (main)
  • Saw Cutter (Mama Luigi escapes)
  • His Fidget Spinner (throws it at Mama Luigi's head)
  • His Pencil (stabs Mama Luigi)

Mama Luigi's Weapons

  • Baseball Bat (main)
  • Crowbar
  • Pillow filled with bars of soap
  • Plates
  • His poop



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