Magical Dollmaker Enters! is a fanon SML short written by GensokyoAngel.

Plot Summary

Alice Margatroid, a dollmaker originating from Gensokyo, revives Maki Nishkino and Nico Yazawa, with Barney the Dinosaur and Nikki Maxwell!



  • [Cut to the door of Mario's Household.]
  • [We see Alice Margatroid and Marisa Kirisame walking into the door. Alice knocks on it.]
  • [Mario opens the door.]
  • Alice: "Hello, i believe there has been a case where 2 people were killed here. Is this true?"
  • Mario: "Yes, and it's all Katie Ka-Boom and Pinky Dinky Doo's fault!"
  • Marisa: "Oh my god."
  • Alice: "Lemme take care of this, where are their whereabouts?"
  • [Mario points to the direction of the whereabouts, which was on the yard.]
  • [Alice and Marisa walk to the yard, Alice holds up the torn arm of Nico Yazawa.]
  • Alice: "This will take some time." [She takes out threads of different colors and different sizes, which is the tool for reviving SML characters]
  • [She begins to fix the remains, in attempt to revive her.]
  • [Barney comes and blows kisses, and sings I Love You]
  • Nico: "Wow, I feel kisses. I'm back to life!"
  • Alice: "Wow Barney, you helped out!"
  • Marisa: "Now let's revive Maki!"
  • [Alice attempts to do the same thing to Maki, but she turns into a doll instead]
  • Marisa: "Wait, why is she a doll?"
  • Mario: I don't know. [he shrugs]
  • Alice: Me neither. Nobody knows how that could happen. In addition, my attention was brought there because you know, we're all plushes in th-
  • Barney: Stop! You are breaking the 4th wall!
  • [Nikki Maxwell comes]
  • Nikki: Wow, a doll? I want it!
  • Marisa: I guess you could help her back, Nikki, you can take her home...
  • Alice: "Also, i want an apology from Pinky and Katie."
  • [The two walk in.]
  • Pinky Dinky Doo: I'm sorry
  • Katie Ka-Boom: I'm sorry
  • Mario: That's OK.
  • Nico: Have fun with Maki, Nikki!
  • [Max and Ruby come]
  • Max and Ruby: Oh, Marisa and Alice, we want to give you some chocolate for reviving our friends!
  • Marisa and Alice: Thank you!

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