(video begins with Junior bored so he calls Lenny to come to his home)

Bowser Junior: Im Bored, oh, I know, I'll call Lenny! We will have fun together!

(Lenny shows up)

Bowser Junior: Hello, lenny!

Lenny: Hi, Junior!

Bowser Junior: Wanna play trains?

Lenny: Yes!

Bowser Junior: Follow me, I found an awesome way to play trains instead of play with toys!

Lenny: Oh, okay.

(Scene cuts to Bowser Junior and Lenny at the computer)

Bowser Junior: Lenny, here is my Trainz Simulator 2010 game.

Lenny: Wow! So cool!!!!

Bowser Junior: I know, right? It is!

(Scene cuts to Trainz on the computer)

Lenny: Uh, Junior, what Railway do you want to Build?

Bowser Junior: Hmmmmmmmmm, I know!

(The railway is built)

Lenny: Cool!

Bowser Junior: Thanks!

Lenny: Wow, you have Thomas Trainz content? Cool!

Bowser Junior: Thanks!

Lenny: I'll add Percy

Bowser Junior: I'll add Thomas.

(They both start playing for 2 hours until they get bored and want to play some other game.)

Bowser: I'm tired of this game, it does get kinda old.

Lenny: Me too, let's quit and find another game.

Bowser Junior: Alright.

(Scene cuts to Bowser Junior at the couch)

Bowser Junior: Lenny, I have a perfect game to play.

(Junior Gets kindle)

Lenny: What?

Bowser Junior: Five nights at Freddy's!

Lenny: Cool! I like that!

Bowser Junior: Were going to play FNAF 1!

Lenny: Okay.

(They are at the first night which Junior had a hard time beating)

Bowser Junior: This first night is difficult.

Lenny: It is, but I will be able to beat it soon, I'll give It a go.

Bowser Junior: Okay.

(Moments later, after the phone guy called for night one, they are unlucky.)

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