Lenny and Bowser Junior play FNAF
Video Information
Channel: SuperMarioLogan
Series: SML Shorts
Video Chronology
Jeffy gets taken
Rosalina's Mistake!


Lenny and Bowser Junior get bored so they play FNAF but it doesn't go too well.


Bowser Junior Is bored so he invites Lenny to play with him. Lenny comes over. Junior wants to play trains with Lenny. Junior shows Lenny his new Trainz Simulator. Lenny plays Trainz Simulator and they build a railway. Lenny adds a Percy and Junior adds a Thomas. They both play on the island. It was 2 hours and they still played and got bored. Junior decided to play FNAF. Lenny wanted to play it. Junior went to the living room with his kindle. He played FNAF 1. They were at the first night which junior couldn't beat. Lenny told Junior he would be able to beat it soon. Lenny gave it a go. Moments after the phone guy called, they were in a situation. Bonnie and Chica were both at the door. Bowser Junior was scared. The power went out in the game. Freddy jumpscared them both. Junior and Lenny screamed out of horror. Lenny then left Juniors house and Junior said "Goodbye, I will see you tomorrow." Lenny said Bye to Junior and junior had Nightmares. The episode ends with Bonnie jumpscaring the viewers. The end.


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