is an episode of SML Movies.


Mario decides to beat up Jeffy for his bad behavior and locks him in the closet.


While Mario is about to ask Jeffy (but not sooner), he sees Jeffy drawing Mario on the wall with the words FUCK YOU DADDY over his head. Mario, furious, decides to waterboard him, beat him with a baseball bat and knock him dead, so he locks him up in the closet. Rosalina saw all of this and angrily yells at Mario for what he did.

Rosalina, who is really mad, decide to break some of Mario's stuff in a fit of rage, threatening this time to keep throwing stuff until he unlock Jeffy. The final straw is when she throws the TV off the balcony. This is Mario's breaking point.

Meanwhile in the closet, Jeffy wakes up and begins to panic, screaming and panicking. Later, Officer Goodman comes in and arrest Mario, thus Rosalina finally got her revenge.

Later at Bowser's house, Bowser is watching the news, stating that Mario is arrested for being a psychopath, much to Bowser's excitment, the episode ends.



  • This takes place after Jeffy's Tantrum!
  • Mario appears to become a psychopath in this episode.
  • Running Gag: Jeffy ruining Mario's life and apologized.

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