is an idea for an SML Movie. Mario punishes Jeffy by putting him in the corner, but Rosalina realizes that he wanted to adopt Jeffy so can have all his money when he's 18. Jeffy has to stop him from having his money.


The video begins with Jeffy playing his cat piano. This lead to Mario eventually telling Jeffy to stop, and asking why he even plays it. Jeffy then tells Mario, that he used to have a cat named Poop Meow, who was really good at both pooping everywhere (which is why he likes pooping), and meowing in different tones. Sadly, he died after being shot by his Mom, and Jeffy later explains that because of this, he not only believes that kittens don't have 9 lives, but also secretly bought a cat piano, with the few money he had, that could meow in different tones.

After hearing this story, while Rosalina cries over Jeffy's once loved kitten, Mario shows no emotion whatsoever. But when Jeffy looks at Mario's careless face, he decides to go in his room, and call 911.

When Officer Brooklyn T. Guy arrives, Jeffy tells the cop that Mario didn't care about a tragic story, that affected his life in a very big way. Although Mario tries to explain that there are so many cats in the world, and that only 1 was shot, Brooklyn Guy told Mario that this was probably a one time opportunity for Jeffy to have a pet. Jeffy then tells Mario, that while his father was having fun in Paris, He was in America with his drunk mom, and that Poop Meow was his only friend, so when she died, he had no one, and was left to die by his mother. Although he did manage to survive, it was very difficult for him.

Brooklyn Guy then tells Mario that he's going to a mental hospital, just so that he can become more emotional. When Mario asks why, Brooklyn Guy responds by telling him that he wasn't showing a proper feeling to something, most people would react as depressing.

After hearing this, Mario tries to convince Jeffy into helping him not get into a place where he wouldn't be able to return home. Jeffy tells Mario that he was a representation of Gargamel from Smurfs: The Lost Village, and because of that he shouldn't even belong in his own house. Mario seeing this as an insult, scolds Jeffy and tells him that he's a horrible boy. Hearing this, Jeffy starts to scream, beat up the couch, and finally punching Mario right in the face. Brooklyn Guy sees this, yet decides that Jeffy shouldn't meet a psychiatrist, considering the fact that Mario "drove him too far". Mario tries to tell Brooklyn Guy, that he just bangs his helmet on anything and not destroy stuff when he's called a bad boy, but Brooklyn Guy pointed out that he called him a horrible boy, and not a bad boy. But because of this, he decides to let Mario go, considering the fact that this was more abnormal than what Mario did earlier. But when Jeffy realized that what he did actually helped Mario, he felt beaten, defeated, and thought that this was something Mario put to his advantage. Now knowing that Mario would still be his bad father saying that he's a good one, he then devoted his entire life, into making Mario's life a living hell.

When Brooklyn Guy leaves, Mario scolds Jeffy for calling the police, and making him look like an insane man. But Jeffy makes a comeback, stating that he although wasn't a psychopath, was beyond being a normal human. He also questions Mario's odd behavior, because of the many benefits he had with Poop Meow, before he did. Soon, they end their argument but both promised to only see each other once a week.

1 week later, Rosalina and Mario talk about what happened a week ago, with Rosalina stating that, Although Mario doesn't have to admit it, the fact that he's now a potentially insane man will follow him wherever he goes. Mario then sees Jeffy drawing a horrible picture of him, but Mario, trying to look completely out of the ordinary, decides to lock Jeffy in the closet and makes him stay for a whole year.

A year later, Jeffy is acting weird. came over to ask him if he's okay, but he's now changed, wants to stay in the corner, and starts breaking stuff, Mario locks Jeffy be in the corner again, this time for 6 years. 

Rosalina come to the corner to tell Jeffy that he shouldn't let Mario have all of his money, Jeffy agrees to stop his father from having all of his money. Mario takes Rosalina away from Jeffy.

6 years later, Jeffy is now 18. When Mario comes back saying that it's time, he's drawing a picture of him as a fat pig! Mario scolds him for this. Jeffy then screams by saying "GO AWAY, DADDY! I DON'T LIKE YOU! YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY!", causing Mario to wash his mouth with soap, but Jeffy pushes him, saying that he's not gonna give all of his money to him anymore. This makes Mario really mad as he grabs a belt to beat him. However, Jeffy managed to run to the kitchen and grab a knife. When Mario tries to hit him, he chops the belt right in half. A now Mature Jeffy threatens Mario, stating that if he finds a way to get the money, he will kill him. He also tells him that he's no better than his biological mother, and that he never regretted calling the cops. Luckily, this was just a nightmare Mario had, and decided to keep Jeffy nonetheless.

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  • Mario
  • Rosalina
  • Jeffy
  • Brooklyn T. Guy
  • Gargamel (mentioned)
  • Nancy (mentioned)
  • Poop Meow (mentioned)
  • Jacques Pierre Francois


  • This episode is similar to Bowser Junior's Punishment.
  • It is revealed that Jeffy likes Smurfs: The Lost Village because he watches the movie.
  • Running Gag: Mario sending Jeffy to the closet twice.
  • Mario calls Jeffy a "horrible boy" instead of a "bad boy", which causes Jeffy to go out of control.
  • It is secretly revealed that Mario only adopted him because Jacques Pierre François has the money, that means if Jeffy is 18 years old, he can have all of his money and Jeffy has to go and live somewhere else like Mario said.
  • This video truly shows how some of the most normal characters in SML, can become psychopathic monsters.

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