Jeffy's Cooking Time is an SML Movie


Chef Pee Pee goes on Vacation and Mario needs someone to cook food. He asks Jeffy if he can cook. Jeffy thinks he can and Mario Gives Jeffy a List of what to cook. Jeffy says okay and starts cooking. He was to cook a hamburger for Bowser. Jeffy took Real Bread and put chips on the Bread. Jeffy thought it was a hamburger. He gave to Bowser and Bowser didn't like how it looked but he ate it anyway and hated it! He Threw the plate and got really mad and wanted Chef Pee Pee. He was to cook Pancakeys for Cody which he made right but put Marshmallows and peanut butter. He served it to Cody and Cody said YUCK! Cody tasted it and threw up and said, Jeffy, you suck at cooking! Jeffy was unhappy about this. He cooked the next thing for Bowser Junior which was a Thomas the Tank Engine cake. He made the cake and messed up by taking a bite of it. He gave it to Junior and Junior said, Jeffy, your Cooking is AWESOME! Jeffy was so happy and got a dollar from Junior. Jeffy cooked more food but kept messing up. Chef Pee Pee and Mario came back after 2 days and They saw the kitchen was a Giant Mess! Jeffy said, Daddy, Cooking over. Mario got upset and told Jeffy he was not to cook anymore! Jeffy cried and ran away. Chef Pee Pee was so unhappy that he had to clean the mess.



  • It is reavealed Jeffy can't cook well Because he's stupid.