Five Nights at SML's 2

What is left of the Shrek Animatronic

Five Nights at SML's 2 is the prequel to Five Nights at SML's. It, like the previous game, take place before the events of SuperMarioLogan's Channel.


After a while of being shutdown, Mario's Pizza is reopened. However, the old animatronics are in bad condition (Shrek himself is just a bare Endoskeleton), so they are replaced by "Toy" models of themselves. A new security guard must survive with the help of Phone Toad.


  • Mario
  • Bowser (mentioned)
  • Phone Toad
  • Toy Mario
  • Toy Bowser
  • Toy Shrek
  • Toy Tony
  • Toy Woody
  • Balloon Luigi
  • Puppet Mario
  • Mario (animatronic)
  • Bowser (animatronic)
  • Shrek (animatronic)
  • Tony (animatronic)
  • Woody (animatronic)
  • Security Guard

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