Bowser Junior's Talking Train!
Video Information
Channel: SuperMarioLogan
Series: SML Movies
Uploaded since: May 26, 2017
SML Question: If you wanted one thing to speak, what would it be?
Video Chronology
Jeffy gets adopted


Bowser Junior is sick of Joseph and Cody not believing him that Thomas talks so he decides to get Cody to make him talk. Cody says he made a machine that makes anything not alive do things. Cody tests him machine on Thomas. Thomas talks and Junior is excited. Junior asks him favorite color. Thomas says it's blue. Junior is excited. Cody says he will do it on Ken. Junior starts telling his engine toys he got Thomas to talk. Thomas says he is happy to have someone to play with. Junior gets hungry and decides to get Thomas and junior to get something to eat. Chef Pee Pee is cooking and Junior tells chef Pee Pee he and Thomas are hungry. Chef Pee Pee says thomas doesn't talk but Thomas says he wants pancakes. Chef Pee Pee is surprised and wants to know how Thomas talked. Junior said he used a machine Cody made that can make anything not alive do things. Chef Pee Pee is surprised. Junior shows it off to Bowser and then calls in Joseph and Cody. Joseph notices that Thomas DOES talk after all. Cody admits he had a machine that can make things talk. Joseph says he should show Jeffy. Jeffy starts annoying Mario with his pig toy. Mario tells Jeffy to stop. Jeffy says he likes it. Mario tells Jeffy he should go play with Junior. Jeffy does so. Junior is seen playing with his trains. He is glad to have a talking Thomas. Jeffy asks Junior what doing. Junior says he's playing with his Thomas toy. Jeffy finds out it can talk and is surprised. Jeffy wants to have a Thomas toy as well. Junior says he is going to take all his trains to get Cody to make them all talk. Jeffy decides to come with Junior. the episode then ends.


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