Bowser Junior's Swag is an episode of SML Movie.


Bowser Junior wants to be swag, and there is a crazy hobo who might be able to help him!


Bowser Junior, Joseph, and Cody are hanging out by a playground. Soon, D-Money comes and says he's swag, and he is swarmed by girls. Bowser Junior wants in on this, and says he is swag, but no one listens. Cody and Joseph explain to him he is NOT swag, and Bowser Junior runs off in a crying mess. On the way home, he bumps into Swagio, who claims he is Mario. Junior explains to Swagio his predicament. Swagio says he can help Bowser Junior be swag.

So Swagio and Bowser Junior go to the house, and Swagio gives him a lesson (by looking up the definition of swag). Then, Swagio gives him lessons (by montage). Eventually, Bowser Junior is "swag" and Swagio agrees to that statement. Swagio tells him to ask a girl out using his swag, and it works. Bowser Junior thanks him and they return to the house. As they walk in, Chef Pee Pee and Mario see Swagio, and explain to Junior that is not Mario. Swagio gives his name, and Mario calls the police. As sirens are heard, Swagio runs out.


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