A Flower For Rosalina is an SML short written by Alex31505


Mario has a flower for Rosalina, but Alice Margatroid accidentally cuts it, so he has to find another one!


  • Mario
  • Rosalina
  • Alice Margatroid (cameo)
  • Reimu
  • Bowser (cameo)
  • Jeffy (cameo)
  • Katie Ka-Boom (in parade only)
  • Nikki Maxwell (cameo)


  • [Episode begins with Mario waking up, and singing a song. He gets Rosalina's flower, and runs with it in the yard, but Alice Margatroid comes and accidentally cuts the grass and the flower without knowing]
  • Mario: Rosalina's...Flower! I gotta go get another one!
  • [Mario steals a white flower from Nikki Maxwell's garden and smells it, then goes back to his house. But...Nikki Maxwell beats up Mario]
  • Mario: Where to find a flower next? I know! [Mario goes to Reimu's garden and tries to get the flower, while Reimu pulls the other part of the flower. Mario and Reimu get into a pulling fight.]
  • Reimu: Huhhhh???? Out, get out! GET OUT, GET!
  • Mario: Where to? The parade!
  • [Mario sneaks into the parade. Bowser, working as a security guard, catches him and chases after him. He gets the flower from Katie Ka-Boom, and runs from Bowser even more. He somehow manages to outrun him.]
  • Mario: Hey!
  • Rosalina: Hey Mario!
  • Mario: A flower...for my Rosalina.
  • Rosalina: B-but, what's that?
  • Mario: Oh, [laughing eagerly]

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